Aerial infrared inspection
services with our web-based
software application

Aerial Infrared & AerialPoint®

Aerial Infrared Inspection

Predictive Service aerial infrared inspection pinpoints problem areas with exceptional accuracy, eliminate “blind” core testing and unnecessary roof replacements. This proven process is highly accurate in detecting moisture at its earliest stages so issues can be addressed before they develop into serious capital expenditures. Our unique approach applies to flat roofs, steam lines and landfills all to achieve the same goal...saving energy while saving you money!


AerialPoint, our interactive, web-based software application, is where process, management and results for aerial infrared come together. AerialPoint has revolutionized how aerial infrared analysis is conducted, documented, displayed and utilized.

  • Accurately forecast and prioritize spending by categorizing problem severity, intensity and amount of area affected    

  • Manage repair and warranty information by accurately tracking the effectiveness of maintenance activities    

  • Track each repair action by portfolio, property or section of property    

  • View the itemized detail of a repair, its cost, who performed it and any associated warranty information  

  • Create sections within a roof structure to document the occupant, roof composition, square footage, age and warranty    

  • Manage securely from anywhere via the web, through tiered and customized client access