SEAM Group - An Avendra Partner


  • Reduce risk of fire

  • Increase safety

  • Reduce energy consumption

  • Detect problem without interrupting operations

  • Increase reliability & availability of critical systems

  • Minimize PM & troubleshooting time

  • OEM warranty protection

  • Reduce insurance premiums

Enhancing the guest’s experience is a primary goal within the hospitality industry. A contributor to this goal is the condition of the facility and performance of systems within. Property managers search for reliable solutions for reducing the risk of electrical fires while ensuring systems such as lighting, entertainment, food preparation and HVAC continue to function effectively.

SEAM Group is the world leader in providing peace of mind ensuring your facilities are safe and comfortable for your guests. We achieve this by focusing on the facility’s critical electrical systems. As the leading provider of electrical infrared inspections for properties around the world, we utilize this proven technology with great success. Infrared provides the ability to predict impending failures by identifying and repairing thermal anomalies within the system. Performing an infrared inspection can reduce the facility’s energy consumption, making the property safe and efficient.

A Complete Standardized Process for Infrared Inspections:

  • Create a detailed inventory of all assets

  • Capture both a digital and thermographic image of each asset

  • Collect OEM data (model number, ratings) where available and accessible

  • Apply QR codes with unique identification numbers to each asset

  • Inspect for code violations

  • Post all assets on our web-based application ViewPoint®, a comprehensive reporting tool, allowing each user to view results, edit problems, track energy savings and manage repairs.