Critical Elements for a Successful Maintenance and Reliability Strategy

AWARENESS WORKSHOP SERIES  •  1-Day Workshop  •  Four Points Hotel    Nashville, Tennessee 

June 17, 2016    8:30am - 4:00pm

See for yourself the exact tools and processes used by the best in the industry around the world. This proven approach will put you on the fast track to taking control of your organization, aligning your team, and obtaining your personal objectives.

Experience has shown that up to 90% of facilities today have no formal strategic plan for maintenance and reliability. While many have objectives or action plans based on business goals, few today possess a well-rounded, one-year tactical plan to achieve real impact.


When surveyed, two common answers are given for the reasons why these numbers are so high:


  1. We simply don’t have time

  2. We’re not quite sure what’s required or how to go about it


In this one-day interactive workshop, we will apply a straightforward approach to a complex process. Understanding the key components needed to build a solid plan, as well as a method setting prioritization with obtainable goals, you can set yourself apart from just managing day-to-day activities and take control of your process. The workshop will cover the following topics:


  • Success rates of facilities with a Master Plan


  • Master Planning Toolkit


  • Establishing a Starting Point: Conducting a maintenance and reliability assessment to identify current progress, and opportunities for improvement


  • Organizing Improvement: Understanding areas of focus and success elements


  • Pain Points / Objectives: Understanding the power of the end-game and identification of your facility’s pain points or business objectives


  • Power ranking:  Create a line of sight on high impact best practices for quantifiable change


  • Building the Plan: Developing a strategic plan, milestones, timeline and deliverables


  • Building a business case for continuous improvement