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Calibration processes and procedures are used to ensure that assets are maintained and perform to acceptable levels. Calibration is a technique that compares performance to a standard of known accuracy.  Not employing proper calibration practices can lead to errors in the process that reduce productivity, damage assets, compromise quality, increase costs and reduce profits.

Although many companies utilize asset management systems, assets are often calibrated manually, which entails cumbersome, error-prone procedures. Consequently, assets that require routine calibration may be ineffectively managed and are difficult to audit.

SEAM Group can help set up a program to manage calibration for all assets to include standards that are used to calibrate them. We can provide your organization with:

  • Program Design

  • Data Gathering and Development

  • Traceability and reverse traceability

  • Training

  • Reporting



 Maintaining high quality products in any competitive marketplace depends on accurate, repeatable manufacturing processes. Having a calibration label on instruments is not enough. The calibration practices must be uniform, repeatable and accurately documented.


Complete success involves integrating:

  • Identification of critical manufacturing assets

  • Clear identification of calibration standards

  • Standardized calibration procedures and practices

  • Thorough documentation of calibration activities


The SEAM Group approach to Calibration Management includes methodology that integrates these elements into a cost effective, comprehensive program that supports sustainability, accountability and regulatory compliance.


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