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March 2018

Customer: Multi-National, Life Science Bio-technology company
Site: Pharmaceutical / R&D
Project Name: Critical Asset PM Optimization



Customer Background:

The site is part of a Multi-National, Life Science Bio-technology company. The facility participated in a global PM Optimization approach targeting common Asset Classes facilitated by Predictive Service and then leveraged the results of all exercises within their site.


Business Challenge:

Reducing internal maintenance labor hours - The client was searching for a method that would optimize preventive maintenance job plans to increase asset reliability and labor efficiency, reducing required labor, as well as parts & materials costs. The methodology would allow the export of job plans from their CMMS (Maximo) into a process that would be endorsed by the Quality organization. Once the PM was optimized, the client required a seamless process for uploading new job plans back into the CMMS.


Solution Description:

The optimization process began with the identification and export of CMMS job plans for preventive maintenance related to the selected asset. Individual line items from job plans were loaded into a PM optimization reliability tool where tasks were individually evaluated, applying methodology found within our PM optimization process, including the removal of non-value-added tasks, enhancements or optimization of remaining value-added tasks, and the addition of supplemental activities identified through review of failure history and evaluation of potential risk.


Job plans were managed via a Master/parent/child management system to leverage and share templates across the network with asset owners. Job plans were updated accordingly in CMMS.



After completion of optimizing the PMs of the asset classes with the global team, the site applied the results to site assets, with a focus on substituting time-based component replacements with condition monitoring or meter-based tasks. The site also developed an application to track the savings that receives data directly from the CMMS. Most of the assets have been completed. These results are for only the one site to date:

Efficiency gains (less labor & materials):

  • $800,000 reduction in PM labor hours (45% reduction)

  • Over $400,000 reduction in parts replacement cost due to PM

  • Total: $1,200,000


Effectiveness gains (greater reliability):

  • 20% reduction in Corrective Maintenance work

    • Optimized PMs reduced the level of labor required to correct failures:

      • Fewer items fail

      • More items that fail are identified proactively, planned & scheduled, requiring less time to correct

    • Operations Downtime reduced: For production assets and facilities assets that support production areas:

      • Fewer interruptions due to less total work (PM & Corrective)

      • More of the interruptions that take place are proactively scheduled with adequate notice and for more accurate estimates