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The Cause Count by Discipline Plot Can Help Reduce Reoccurring Problems!

The cause count by discipline report can be found on the overview tab of ViewPoint. This plot shows the number of problems found by each problem type for each discipline. This report is useful in determining reoccurring problems effecting your equipment. Problems that show high incidences of occurrence may be an indication the root cause not being addressed during the corrective action or routine scheduled maintenance.


From the example above, if you are managing a vibration PdM program and the highest quantity of problems found are related to belt drive problems, it may be highly likely that you will need to address your maintenance, tools, procedures or training for personnel who maintain those drives. One strong indicator of reoccurring problems is a lack of precision in the maintenance practice.


  • Are we setting the belt tension properly?

  • Are we aligning the belt pulleys properly?

  • Do we have the correct tools and training to perform the repair or replacement with precision?


The lack of precision in maintenance can be one the reason why the problems reoccur. Analyzing the PdM data for failure mode trends can help eliminate future problems if we are addressing the root cause effectively. Not all problems types will indicate a lack of precision, some problem types may require engineering changes and other may need a change in the planned maintenance. The data plot pinpoints the trends so further analysis of root cause can commence.


The main goal for this type of reliability analysis is changing from predicting the same problem type over and over to the elimination of that problem from reoccurring. Achieving this goal, we add true reliability to the equipment or processes.