World-Class Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) programs have a solid
Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) at their heart.



Technical Solutions for CMMS Challenges

The CMMS is the foundation from which EAM is built and is the database of an organization’s labor, asset, inventory and maintenance activities. 

Our customers are asset intensive.  Maximizing uptime and eliminating unplanned downtime in a cost effective way are key business drivers. CMMS supports work management and supply chain processes and is utilized by operations, maintenance, and supply chain personnel.  CMMS can be  utilized as a backbone for work management system. Our extensive expertise with CMMS and their master data elements will be helpful in support of SEAM Group’s data collection teams to get required functionality from the system working at optimal levels to support your maintenance & reliability processes. 


Equipment performance, work management, inventory, labor utilization and other meaningful components of the EAM program includes definition, specification, and development of KPIs and configuration using the CMMS system. Our unique system of mapping relationships between key metrics creates a visual traceability matrix, providing greater controls to manage your processes for optimal reliability at the lowest costs, maximizing return on investment. 




 Benefits Provided by Seam Group for CMMS Challenges

  • Increase equipment availability & performance

  • Improve maintenance productivity

  • Improve equipment life cycle & costs

  • Increase the ability to make better, more informed decisions

  • A leaner, more efficient staff

  • Improved safety & risk management



SEAM Group provides technical solutions for your CMMS challenges.  Our professionals provide full turnkey solutions or augment your current team.  We have a solid track-record for helping customers meet their objectives in a cost effective way.

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Reliability Baselining

Compare the current state of your maintenance program and processes to available benchmarks and best practices. SEAM Group’s Baselining quantifies and validates performance gaps so improvement initiatives can be scoped and a business case developed.

PM Optimization

PM Optimization removes waste and ensures all PM tasks add value and addresses known failure modes.  Our comprehensive approach to PM Optimization expands beyond task optimization to encompass a program focused on overall system change.

OEE Optimization

Poor Overall Equipment Effectiveness Optimization (OEE) can have a profound negative impact on your entire operation. OEE Optimization uses a blended approach of constraint management coupled with LEAN principles.