Continuous Improvement Tool

Ready to develop a sound business case

to address poor equipment reliability 

and high costs?



Seam Group’s Continuous Improvement Tool quantifies the financial impact of poor reliability, calculates the cost to address the issue and projects the return on investment. 
The tool reports a calculated return on investment including a
five-year cash flow projection and internal rate of return. 


Designed for high-level business case validation and development to help managers and stakeholders make decisions whether to approve project funding for specific reliability based initiatives. 
Once the initiative is approved, Seam Group’s professional consultants and the return on investment tool can be used for a deeper dive into the reliability issues and their impact on cost. 
The two-step process is designed to minimize the effort in the development of the initial business case until the project validation can be approved. At that time, a more detailed analysis of the project can commence without having to allocate all the necessary funds initially. 

Develop A Business Case

for your Reliability Initiatives