Foundations for Improving Asset Management through Effective Condition Monitoring Programs    Marcin Sztenke
Basic Industrial Electricity / NFPA 70E / Hands-On Troubleshooting    Jay Smith
How Skills Assessment Reveals Widening “Skills Gap” in the Work Place    Anthony DeSimone
Precision Maintenance Workshop    Phil Hendrix
How Proper Electrical Maintenance Techniques Improve Asset Management Hands on Troubleshooting    Jay Smith



How Electrical Infrared Thermography Reduces Risk & Improves Reliability     Bret Bevis
How to Inspect the Uninspectable      Ken Brevell
 What is an Arc Flashand & How to Comply with Current Regulation
(NFPA 70E, EN 50110, ISO 14118:2017, EN 61482-1-2)     
Jay Smith
What Do You Need To Know About Explosive Dust    Jason Reason
Lockout/Tagout LOTO Procedures for Control of Hazardous Energy     Jason Anthony
Multi Discipline ViewPoint & VPOD Training     Mark Mollison
How To Create a Safe Environment Mitigating Dust Hazards    Jason Reason
Lockout/Tagout LOTO Procedures for Control of Hazardous Energy    Jason Anthony



Hands-on Work Management Simulation Improve Wrench Time & Facility Efficiency     Tibor Jung & Mark Mollison    
PM Programs: Dust Control to Machine Uptime Plant Floor IIoT     
V.J. Venkatraman  
Lean Approach to PM Optimization       
Tibor Jung
Global Trends in Facility Service Management     Ed Burkhart
Enterprise Asset Management Organizational Foundation       Rob MacArthur
Facilities ­— Operations & Maintenance Intelligence an IIoT Implementation for Efficiency Gains     V.J. Venkatraman


Rob MacArthur, Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

As Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Mr. MacArthur's responsibilities include developing overall business relationships with key accounts and strategic initiatives for business growth.


Prior to joining SEAM Group, formerly Predictive Services, MacArthur was a senior executive with ABS Group serving as Vice President Asset Optimization Services and later as Senior Vice President for the ABS Group Offshore Oil & Gas division.


Mr. MacArthur was a founding partner of GenesisSolutions, a recognized global leader in maintenance and asset management services which provided technology, engineering, and process improvement services to hundreds of industrial companies related to Enterprise Asset Management and Reliability.  GenesisSolutions was acquired by ABS Group in 2012.


Prior to starting Genesis Solutions, Mr. MacArthur was Director of Professional Services for MRO Software and served a number of years in this capacity with responsibility for the Americas, Middle East, Africa, and Australia. Before joining MRO Software, MacArthur was an Engagement Manager with KPMG Peat Marwick and an active duty Engineering Officer in the United States Navy.


Mr. MacArthur is a recognized expert in the fields of enterprise asset management strategy, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, Reliability Engineering and Maintenance, and Maintenance Key Performance Indicators.


MacArthur holds an engineering degree from the United States Naval Academy and an MBA from the University of Rhode Island.  In addition, Mr. MacArthur is a licensed engineer with the State of Maryland and retired as a Commander in the United States Naval Reserve overseeing the repair, refueling, and maintenance of US Navy nuclear submarines.