Optimize Downtime during COVID-19

We are all facing tumultuous and unprecedented times as the risks associated with Coronavirus start to impact our lives, families, work and economy. Our thoughts go out to all those whose lives have been turned upside down and especially to those who are sick, and the families most directly impacted.

At SEAM Group LLC, the health and well-being of our clients and our employees are our highest priorities. Although we've taken measures to protect our employees through our work-at-home program and while onsite at your facility, our SEAM Group team is standing by to support you on-site and remotely as needed.


Please reach out as you normally would should you have any issues or thoughts on how we can best serve YOUR organization!
The last thing anyone needs is more unplanned downtime or disruption. In order to prioritize and backlog, we’ll all need to plan out further. Normally 3-4 weeks, in this case more like 3-4 months. Our suggestion is, and as always in our client’s best interest, is plan ahead, work on what projects may have been delayed by the normal course of business

As employees work from home and are practicing social distancing, you might consider some of the following options during the COVID-19 downtime.

IR Windows


If you have Arc Flash labels indicating >Level 4 (40 cal), they cannot be opened energized for any purpose. The IR window allows the IR camera to see inside the cabinet and make accurate assessment of thermal anomalies. We can help price, deliver and install IR windows, also best done when de-energized or during a shutdown. 


Complying with regulatory standards such as OSHA, NFPA 70E, CSA Z462 and similar electrical safety mandates by using closed-panel inspection methods. Infrared (IR) Windows allow workers to perform an infrared inspection of electrical components while keeping energized electrical equipment closed, and in “normal operating condition.”

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Live Online Training

Same Courses. Online. 100% Live. 

Our instructor-led electrical safety training is available in online format that allows you to train and speak to the instructor LIVE. This provides an option for the workplace with a small staff or a new hires, a workplace in need of refresher training for its employees and those working from home during COVID-19.

We also offer on-demand electrical safety training courses:

  • Electrical Safe Work Practices

  • Combustible Dust Safety Awareness Training

  • The Safe Use of Digital Multimeters

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Break/Fix Repairs

SEAM Group has a nationwide Facilities Electrical group that can do virtually all electrical installations, repairs and retrofitting. We also can perform Low-Voltage Preventive Maintenance, best done when de-energized or during a shutdown. 

Our scheduled maintenance offering includes inspections, equipment cleaning, testing, lubrications, operational adjustments, part replacement and more. No matter what your area of responsibility, reducing operating cost and concentrating resources on core revenue-generating activities is always a priority. Additionally, our services can include preventative maintenance activities to comply with government, insurance and building code requirements. 

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Upon completion of the electrical infrared inspection and the results being posted to Viewpoint®, the facility will be contacted to schedule an appointment for a SEAM Group electrician to repair the problems identified in the inspection report.

Repairs will have a limited budget and any repairs exceeding the cost, the facility will be quoted and the submitted for approval. Electrical Repairs will be properly documented in ViewPoint by SEAM Group. Repair details such as the date, costs, and miscellaneous notes will be added, and the problems will be “closed-out”.

Emergency 24/7 Service (same day response) - If emergency service is specifically requested, same day service will be provided.


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Remote DHA

To continue providing combustible dust services to our clients, SEAM Group has adjusted its Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) service model to accommodate the rapidly changing situation. 

One of the noteworthy changes to the service model that most interests our clients includes completing the first revision of the DHA report through remote collaboration and information sharing.  Rather than visit the facility at the onset of the DHA to gather the applicable information, this exchange can easily take place using technology and communication systems.  Gathering this information remotely will allow us to compile and issue the first revision (Rev 1) of the DHA Report.  After the report has been issued, SEAM Group will visit the facility to observe the affected processes and equipment, validate the observations, and thoroughly review DHA Report.

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Infrared Inspection

Plan on an infrared inspection when you ramp up or soon after COVID-19. We do not need full load to be accurate. Our patented ViewPoint formulas calculate problem temperatures at all loads. 

Proactive infrared inspection has the potential to reduce risk, increase operational safety, and bolster production efficiency. Integrating infrared into a proactive maintenance approach is prudent not only to protect against breakdowns, but to provide peace of mind.

Our infrared inspection services are a proven effective part of an overall condition-based maintenance strategy. Clients continue to rely on this cost-effective means of testing during normal operations to keep their electrical and mechanical equipment operating safely and efficiently.

We're here to help!