“The employer shall conduct routine audits on electrical equipment to ensure normal operation of the equipment and to monitor any changes that may be occurring.”
—NFPA 70E 2015 110.3(A)

Electrical Safety Services


Our Scope & Approach

The key objective of the NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace is to reduce human exposure to the hazards of shock, arc flash, and arc blast while working on or near exposed electrical conductors or circuit parts that are or can become energized. It provides guidance to help companies establish a practical safe working area for employees who are exposed to electrical hazards arising from the use of electricity in activities such as installation, maintenance, and uninstallation of equipment.


Electrical equipment and electrical safety devices are constantly changing and improving. The NFPA 70E Committee addresses these changes and updates the standard every 3 years as part of keeping up with current technology and safety concerns. Employers need to keep their electrical safety program up-to-date, to address those changes, and conduct on-going audits to verify compliance with the standard.   


Scope: The focus of the Electrical Safety Audit is in the following 5 Critical Areas:

  1. Electrical Safety Program

  2. Safety Training Plan

  3. Hazard Assessment & Mitigation

  4. Job Safety Plan / Job Safety Briefings

  5. Preventive Maintenance


Approach: The Electrical Safety Audit process is completed in (3) stages:

  1. On-Site Information Collection

  2. Development of Audit Report

  3. Audit Report Review - Findings & Recommendations

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Creating a safe workplace is an ongoing process. At SEAM Group, we don’t leave you with an abstract plan written in stone. Instead, our safety experts work to understand your individual workplace, integrate your team in developing an improved safety program, and then consult during and after implementation to smooth out any transition and account for workplace changes. After all, your work doesn’t stand still – neither should your safety partner.


Program Review and Development

SEAM’s safety experts will gather information about your company’s operations to better understand your working conditions and common tasks. We will review the current written program, when applicable, and provide notes and comments on existing policies. From there, a first draft of the written electrical safety program is created.

First Draft Discussion and Findings

SEAM’s safety team will communicate with your electrical and maintenance teams, via phone conference, to discuss findings and details of the program review and first draft of the written program. Based on feedback, revisions will be made to the first draft and then returned to the client for review.

Final Draft Overview and Implementation Process

SEAM Group’s safety team will communicate with the client (those individuals responsible for implementing and enforcing the program) to:

  • Go through the “Qualified Person” process for better understanding

  • Discuss how to get started with implementation of the program

  • A question and answer period related to the new written electrical safety program

As your trusted safety partner, once your electrical safety program has been implemented, SEAM Group is available for ongoing review and consultation. We succeed when you succeed – safely.

PdM Program Design

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Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Our engineering professionals can conduct an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis to determine the amount of energy generated in an arc flash incident and provide the information required to keep your employees working safely.

On Demand Maintenance

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