Building Energy Modeling is a fundamental component of an integrated design process. It can be used to evaluate a building’s energy usage, consumption, and evaluate different strategies for new designs.

Energy Modeling & Simulations

Site orientation, insulation values, windows, HVAC system and equipment types and lighting options can all be analyzed to determine an optimal selection of systems and equipment. To gain a holistic understanding of a building, energy modeling is critical.


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Energy Modeling and Analysis

In order to quantify potential energy savings, we rely upon practical energy system knowledge and energy analysis software to create an Energy Model.  Using comprehensive data about the building envelope, weather data, occupancy rates, HVAC equipment, lighting and controls data, we determine the total energy consumed. With actual use and utility information we develop a baseline against which we can measure energy savings and payback. This method delivers a comprehensive energy savings based on the entire building system.


System Optimization and Analysis

The Energy Model is also used to evaluate recommended system upgrades—from equipment and control strategies, to schedules and management policy. We account for vacancy, time of year, and system performance, to give you a clear understanding of how energy use is affected, and how control schemes may need to be altered throughout the year. The result is recommendations for controls, operation set-points, and documented management procedures.

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  • Determine the condition of your envelope 

  • Air infiltration

  • Air exfiltration

  • Moisture laden insulation

  • Insulation voids

  • Heating & cooling problems

  • Moisture penetration into the wall assembly


Our engineers have experience engineering envelope systems for new construction and renovation projects. Predictive Service will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of your building’s energy usage to make more informed decisions. Contact us today to get started.

Building Commissioning

A systematic review of building systems to confirm they were installed and operating as designed or in accordance with your requirements.

Engineering Services

Predictive Service offers engineering services that include a unique expertise in the Built Environment, bringing a comprehensive approach to meeting both facility and operational needs.

Lighting Solutions

Our experts, utilizing the latest lighting technologies, designs holistic changes to

your facility for unmatched return on your investment.