Food Processing Safety Solutions

Understanding the Risks Present in the Industry

Electrical injuries are prevalent across multiple industries, and with so much equipment in use at food processing centers, the chance of an incident occurring is just as high as in other industries. The food processing industry also bears large production requirements, putting equipment under heavy use and adding pressure to maintenance techs to keep equipment running. And with the use of water in cleaning certain machines, the risks only further increase. 

That’s why it’s important to utilize electrical food processing safety best practices at all times, and to ensure the equipment being used is operating properly. If an incident were to occur, whether it be an asset failure or an employee injury, your production will significantly impacted. With food processing safety services from SEAM Group, you can better protect your people, assets, and company from increased insurance premiums.

SEAM Group has partnered with numerous food processing companies on their safety initiatives, ranging from equipment inspections and facility maintenance to employee safety training and safety auditing. Don’t leave your food processing safety program to chance. Work with the proven experts who understand the risks facing the food processing industry and how to proactively resolve them for incident prevention well into the future.

How SEAM Group Enhances Food Processing Safety

Infrared Inspections

Over time, every electrical asset can experience wear and tear. With infrared inspections from SEAM Group, we can proactively assess your assets to improve food processing safety metrics, prevent insurance increases and employee injuries, protect your assets, and identify problems prioritized by the necessity and cost-benefit impact. Advanced infrared thermography is used to identify hot spots and other risks present in your assets. All the results are conveniently accessible in ViewPoint, our web-based management system.

Safety Training

Are your employees up-to-date on the latest food processing safety requirements and best practices? With in-depth safety training from SEAM Group, you can educate your team members on the importance of safety to reduce incidents, improve productivity, and make a more positive impact on your bottom line. Whether conducted online or on-site, our training experts have years of experience and emphasize practical education and examples.

Vibration Monitoring

Numerous types of equipment with motors and mechanical components are used in the food processing industry. When these assets begin to age, certain components may begin to vibrate, such as a motor that has a misplaced or damaged bearing. Identifying these vibrations early ensures the appropriate repairs can be made as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the component and to the asset as a whole. SEAM Group provides vibration monitoring services to help you protect your operational efficiency and extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Enhance Your Food Processing Safety Program with SEAM Group

Reduce risk for your organization and protect your employees and customers with safety and maintenance services from SEAM Group. We’ve worked with multiple organizations throughout the food processing industry to support their safety and efficiency goals, and we can do the same for you. Fill out the form below to get in touch with our team to learn more.