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March 2018

Industry Trend - Outsourcing and Strategic Partnerships

The infrastructure of a typical commercial or industrial facility is a complex network of electrical, electronic, process and control, automation and building-management systems in need of constant upkeep.  For facility managers, maintaining high productivity and profitability in the competitive marketplace while juggling maintenance responsibilities can be a daunting task.  However, employing a full-time repair and maintenance staff can be a very costly and inefficient way to manage these responsibilities.


Retaining the services of a professional firm to outsource services and engage in strategic partnerships is the latest trend sweeping the industry.  Predictive Service can provide the skilled expertise needed for turn-key services to enable companies to focus their attention to their core offerings while ensuring the most effective use of corporate funds. Because we specialize solely in maintaining commercial or industrial properties, we are able to provide expert help for a wide range of potential issues throughout your facilities.


Electrical Work:

In most municipalities, even the most minor electrical work requires the services of a licensed electrician to ensure compliance with building codes. Predictive Service electricians perform repairs and maintenance safely, reducing potential liability for building owners and facility managers. By partnering with Predictive Service, facility managers can access these services without paying the high hourly rates charged by individual contractors.


Budget gaps and aging facilities are forcing organizations to operate and maintain with fewer resources. At the heart of any business is the electrical system. The age and condition of the existing electrical equipment must routinely be addressed to ensure electrical reliability. The cost of ongoing maintenance can be a burden relative to budget planning since older equipment can be prone to higher maintenance requirements. An increasing number of facilities are replacing and upgrading existing equipment to bridge this gap through Predictive Service.

Routine Inspections and Ongoing Maintenance:

Predictive Service serves numerous commercial/industrial customers on an ongoing basis and can afford to hire expert engineers in a wide range of fields. This ensures that all required inspections and routine maintenance tasks are performed by those most qualified to identify problems and suggest solutions. By outsourcing building inspection responsibilities to Predictive Service, companies can save money over the cost of full-time engineering staff members and can achieve even better results for their commercial property maintenance and inspection activities.


Lighting for Commercial or Industrial Facilities:

Changing and repairing lighting systems can be time consuming. By outsourcing these tasks to Predictive Service, facility managers can save money on full-time maintenance staff and ensure that the lights in their commercial properties comply with changes in federal codes and state regulations. This can increase energy efficiency and help facility managers avoid regulatory entanglements when maintaining the lighting systems in their facilities.


Emergency Services:

Natural disasters, fires and weather events can disrupt commercial or industrial enterprises and present serious problems for facility managers. Outsourcing maintenance duties to Predictive Service can ensure that help is available when it is needed most. With the help of our expert staff, emergency repairs can be accomplished quickly and affordably.


Outsourcing maintenance tasks to Predictive Service can provide convenience and significant financial benefits for your industrial facilities and commercial properties. More importantly, having our maintenance experts on call can offer valuable peace of mind when routine repairs are needed as well as when emergencies occur.  24/7/365 – Predictive Service is just a phone call away!