Whether you are working on projects to prevent what could happen or need answers to what actually happened, our reliability process addresses the problem from all angles.


Effective inventory management is about knowing what is on hand; where it is used, how often is it used and the lead time to acquire. Inventory management is the process of efficiently overseeing the flow of parts in and out of inventory. The process involves controlling the levels to prevent the inventory from becoming too high, or dwindling to levels that could put maintenance and operation in jeopardy. Inventory management seeks to control the costs associated with the inventory, from the total value of the parts, the cost of individual parts and the burden to the organization generated by the cumulative value of the inventory.


Whether you are looking to decrease the total cost of inventory, reduce the dependency on OEM parts or develop a site, regional or corporate parts management strategy, SEAM Group expertise can help put a strategy in place to control costs while ensuring part our available when needed.



  • Identify critical spares

  • Set proper min/max levels and reorder points

  • Analyzed usage patterns for quality control

  • Evaluate vendor partnering and regional strategies

  • Reduce the cost of premium OEM parts



A Three-Dimensional View:


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Reliability Baselining

Compare the current state of your maintenance program and processes to available benchmarks and best practices. Predictive Service’s Baselining quantifies and validates performance gaps so improvement initiatives can be scoped and a business case developed.

Reliability Snapshot

Looking to improve your reliability strategy and tired of “fighting fires?” With Predictive Service’s Reliability Snapshot, you gain access to our unique, blended approach to evaluation that assesses your areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

OEE Optimization

Poor Overall Equipment Effectiveness Optimization (OEE) can have a profound negative impact on your entire operation. OEE Optimization uses a blended approach of constraint management coupled with LEAN principles.