e-Learning is a series of training modules available for PM and Workflow Optimization.
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Maintenance e-Learning

e-Learning is an affordable training solution focused on continuous education in support of process improvements delivered through a Predictive Service consulting engagement.


Predictive Service offers unlimited access to training solutions for company-wide team development. Consistently train your team to become subject matter experts, able to affect real and permanent change in your organization.


Work Management

Our 26-session Work Management e-Learning System will provide your team with the transformative skills needed to take your maintenance productivity to the next level. Some of the topics include:

  • Backlog Management

  • Planning – Job Research

  • Planning-Kitting Work Package

  • Scheduling-Best Practices

  • Work Execution

  • Work Completion

  • Work Analysis


Other Predictive Service’s e-Learning Series include:

  • PM Optimization

  • TPM/Operator Care

  • Value Stream Mapping for Maintenance

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e-Learning as a Multi-purpose Training Tool

Companies have widely different reasons for using e-Learning for team development.  Resource constrained companies may need to address issues, but may not have the funds for traditional trainers or consultants. E-Learning is perfect for bringing technicians up to speed on maintenance techniques that will significantly improve your reliability program. More specifically, e-Learning will:


  • Reinforce Consulting Events: Once the Consultant has left the facility it is very easy to slip back into bad habits.  e-Learning is used to reinforce techniques to which technicians are exposed so that core concepts can be incorporated into daily activities.

  • Provide Depth of Knowledge: The courses provide information and useful tips beyond what can be shared in a workshop environment.  Spread over a multi-course outline, specific topics can be addressed at a level of granularity that is not possible at the workshop level.  This takes your team from familiarity with concepts to subject matter experts.

  • Serve as an Ongoing Resource: The individuals on your team will change over time, but if they are all being exposed to a consistent training message, you will ensure program continuity and continuous improvement.

  • Provide the Right Information at the Right Time: While the right training course might not be available when needed, e-Learning is available 24/7 in a user-friendly format where learning results can be documented.


Predictive Service’s e-Learning Systems are your Best Solution

Whether the goal is to build consistency into your training program, create a team of subject matter experts or incorporate leading edge maintenance technologies into your organization, Predictive Service can provide your organization with maintenance training for optimized productivity with our e-Learning systems.


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Planning & Scheduling

Has your planning and scheduling efforts fallen short of maximizing craft productivity? Predictive Service’s Planning & Scheduling coaching delivers comprehensive processes and toolkits that allow quick realization of results and maximizes work force efficiency. 


Workflow Optimization

Craft productivity is the fuel for your entire maintenance & reliability program and it is where value can be achieved per hour. Predictive Service’s Workflow Optimization encompasses a total value-stream approach, addressing losses found in each stage of workflow.


PM Optimization

Do you feel your organization performs too much PM maintenance, not enough or just not achieving the desired results? Predictive Service’s PM Optimization removes waste and ensures all PM tasks add value and addresses known failure modes.  Our comprehensive approach to PM Optimization expands beyond task optimization to encompass a program focused on overall system change.