One size does not fit all when developing a condition-based maintenance strategy. 

Managed PdM Programs

Successful PdM programs are customized to fit specific needs, equipment, priorities, resources, budget and culture. Our Managed Predictive Maintenance Programs develop client-centric strategies to ensure overall PdM program effectiveness.


Whether you are creating an in-house program and need assistance with the design, roll out, and training, or to outsource your PdM functions to an experienced firm that will compliment your reliability efforts, SEAM Group is your long-term partner.



What to Expect from our Managed PdM Programs


  • Program design and implementation collaboration

  • Program assessments

  • Onsite and remote service offerings:​

  • Training and mentoring services

  • Worldwide PdM consulting and program delivery, from single plant management to an entire enterprise

  • Viewpoint® Software, providing web-based access to PdM, reliability, and cost benefit data, as well as equipment class benchmarking, across each of your facilities


Benefits of our PdM Programs

  • A single-source partner for all PdM technologies

  • Managed programs at a site, region or corporate level

  • An award-winning management tool, ViewPoint, facilitating easy access to all program data, reports and reliability tools anytime, anywhere

  • Software tools to manage problems severity, status aging and recommended actions

  • Automated, built-in tracking of key performance indicators and metrics

  • Consistency to ensure all disciplines are deployed and performed at the same throughout

  • The ability to seamlessly use PdM program results to affect reliability improvement efforts


Focus on what you do best and let the experts at SEAM Group ensure your PdM program is generating the results you need. For more information, contact us today.

Achieving reliability without precision is an up hill battle 

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PdM Program Design

Proper design is essential when creating a predictive maintenance (PdM) program. Our PdM Program Design Service empowers you to achieve coverage faster and attain desired results sooner.

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