Keeping motors running is essential to keeping business running. Detect issues before they are serious with comprehensive motor testing.

Motor Testing

Managing motor assets, staying abreast of inventory levels, addressing in-service failures and scheduling preventive maintenance (PM) can be challenging for any facility manager or maintenance professional. You may find that you are routinely performing PM or reconditioning your electric motors only to realize that the action has not improved the reliability. Or perhaps, unplanned, in service failures of your critical motors can result in prolonged downtime and effect your bottom line. 

How We Can Help

A complete, standardized process is the best approach to ensure your motor testing is performed the right way every time. Our program centers around utilization of quality instrumentation and empirical data to accurately predict the motor’s current health and status.

We rely on proven methodologies such as Motor Circuit Evaluation (MCE)  an offline test that provides a comprehensive view of the overall motor and circuit condition and Motor Current Analysis (MCA) an online test that provides a comprehensive view of the overall motor performance and operating assessment. 

We provide:

  • Database set up & programming of testing instruments

  • Offline & online data collection on each program asset at a specified frequency

  • Data collection, analysis, diagnostics & development of recommended action plans

  • Problem reporting via ViewPoint® providing comprehensive reports detailing all problems & recommended maintenance actions

  •  Online review of problems

  •  Phone consultation



  • Onsite testing by certified technicians, which can be combined with our infrared inspection service to maximize the efficiency of scheduled visits and minimize negative operational impact

  • A standardize approach to all predictive maintenance services, allowing for benchmarking of your assets

  • Complete health assessment of each motor’s stator, rotor, insulation, air gap, power circuit and power quality

  • Assurance of quality and healthy spares when a spare motor management program is pursued

  • Reduction in calendar-based overhauls or rewinds of your large critical motors

Keep your motors and your business running smoothly. To find out more about Motor Testing from Predictive Service, contact us today.


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