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Note from our President:

March 2018

Taking PdM Data to the Next Level

Historically, predictive maintenance (PdM) data was used almost exclusively to trend and predict impending failures on assets to reduce the risk of catastrophic failures and unplanned downtime events. The good news was PdM programs were designed to do just that, however the data had so much more value if mined properly. A primary reason that most systems’ data had such a limited use, it was contained in a proprietary database and the associated reporting was in separate static documents.


Predictive Service’s ViewPoint PdM Data Management system was designed to go well beyond the basic reporting of PdM inspection results. ViewPoint’s inspection data and the reported results are all contained in a unique database allowing for filtering, sorting and aggregating the information to provide insight on the effectiveness of your maintenance programs.


Our clients have used the ViewPoint tools to analyze the benefits of their PdM efforts including annualized cost benefits, year over year trends, year over year problems found, reoccurring failure patterns and OEM component reliability. The database contains over a million assets across many different asset classes and over ten years of historical information. We use this combined data to benchmark asset classes and develop reliability indexes based on components and manufacturers.


I am excited about the current trends within the industry including the advancement in Analytics, Machine Learning/AI & IIoT. Predictive Service is well position to aid our client’s participation in these advanced techniques utilizing ViewPoint data and strategic partnerships with Data Acuity Solutions and Hendrix Precision Maintenance Services. To learn more about the combined value of our partners, visit  

Donald Frankel