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Note from our President:

February 2017


Since the inception of Predictive Service, utilizing technology has been a foundational element of our service offering and we believe has set us apart compared to other vendors in the marketplace. Our commitment to lead with technology was so strong that we completely developed our software platform prior to servicing our first customer. Since that time, our Predictive Maintenance (PdM) management software, ViewPoint has been the cornerstone to our service delivery and the primary customer interface to their PdM inspection results. Our customers have made significant advancement to their PdM programs and have found their program effectiveness has grown utilizing the feature sets this technology provides.


Although ViewPoint continues to provide value and an integral part of our customer’s programs, technology advancements demand we continue to stay on the leading edge. As such, I am proud to introduce ViewPoint On-Demand, a mobile application to compliment ViewPoint.

ViewPoint On-Demand® provides in-field access to your assets that are currently inspected as part of your predictive maintenance program. The inspection information can be accessed on-demand on your mobile device or by simply scanning the QR code located on each asset. Once the asset is identified in the ViewPoint® program inventory database, access to the asset’s current status, inspection history including all past baselines, images and any problem details will be available directly on your mobile device. Additionally, a complete summary of your inspection results is available anytime, from anywhere you have connectivity.  

Your team will now have field access to the detailed problem information to plan work effectively or effect a repair. The user can change the status of a problem or input repair actions once the work has been completed. To promote a closed loop process and verification of repair actions, the system allows up to three post-repair images to be uploaded to the system to document the repair actions. All images will be immediately available within the app and the web-based desktop application.


The application supports both Android and iOS devices and is available on their respective stores. Your existing login credential for ViewPoint will also serve as your credentials for the ViewPoint On-Demand app.


In the upcoming weeks, I will be conducting training webinars to demonstrate the features of the product as well as a guided tour on its use. Please take a minute to download the app and give it a try. As always, we welcome your feedback, as our development team is working hard every day to add more tools and feature to enhance your experience with Predictive Service.