Lubrication is an essential part of your operations. Conduct regular professional machine oil analysis to avoid costly downtime and damage.

Oil Analysis

Proper lubrication is the key to maintaining well-functioning assets from the smallest motor to multi-million dollar machines. In many cases, careful lubrication management is crucial to keeping an entire business operational. Oil degradation leads to unexpected failures and costly downtime, and when lubricants become contaminated or are of insufficient quality, machines pay the price. If these problems go undetected, it will affect your equipment’s operation, efficiency and lifespan it may even cause catastrophic damage.


How We Can Help

A comprehensive suite of oil assessments, including:

  • Oil Testing for Lubricant Condition – The assessment of the lubricant condition reveals whether the system fluid is healthy & fit for further service, or it is ready to be changed

  • Oil Testing for Contamination - Ingression of contaminants from the surrounding environment in the form of dirt, water, and process contamination are the leading cause of machine degradation & failure.

  • Oil Testing to Identify Machine Wear – An unhealthy machine generates wear particles at an exponential rate. Machine failure due to worn-out components can be avoided when these wear particles are identified early in the failure cycle


  • Customized programs based on your asset needs

  • Expert laboratory analysis & detailed condition assessment

  • Staff training in proper lubrication sampling

  • Provision of all sampling material, including bottles, labels, tubing & a sample pump

  • Access to ViewPoint®, our web-based software tool, providing comprehensive reports detailing all problems & recommended maintenance actions

Lubrication management is an important part of maintaining effective operations. For resources and assistance from the experts, contact us today.


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