A review of the effectiveness of an existing PdM program ensures it is achieving results at its fullest potential based on available equipment, resources and tools.

PdM Assessment

  • Verify and document the personnel, process and equipment coverage under your PdM program

  • Review current facility metrics and equipment history

  • Carefully scrutinize the existing PdM program with scorecard ratings

  • Examine historical PdM data, alarming and collection specifications

  • Determine the appropriate PdM technique for each application

  • Pinpoint any issues or problems gathering routine data

  • Develop recommendations for continuous improvement

  • Evaluate and establish performance metrics and benchmarking

  • The program is  improving to meet your goals

  • The program is adaptable to your changing maintenance & operating environment

  • The program is revised to include those functions that bring significant return on investment

  • Cost justification is obtained before significant funds are expended

  • Measurable metrics are established so performance trends can be easily obtained

  • Cultural issues that lead to roadblocks are identified and a plan is designed to overcome them

  • Training needs are recognized and a development plan is recommended


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Managing a PdM program can be challenging

  • Is your predictive maintenance (PdM) program hitting the mark?

  • Are the investments you are making translating to reduced downtime & equipment availability?

  • Is your goal to take your program to the next level & achieve higher results?


What to expect from a managed PdM program

SEAM Group provides a review of the effectiveness of an existing PdM program to ensure it is achieving results at its fullest potential based on available equipment, resources and tools.


Our experts will assess your program’s functionality, current processes and progress toward stated program goals to ensure your PdM program is optimized to save you time and money. 


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PdM Program Design

Proper design is essential when creating a predictive maintenance (PdM) program. Our PdM Program Design Service empowers you to achieve coverage faster and attain desired results sooner.

Reliability Snapshot

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Infrared Inspections

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