PdM Program Manager-Vibration Analyst

SEAM Group, a fast-growing technology and inspection company in electrical, mechanical and structural predictive maintenance services is seeking a service professional to join our service team. The primary responsibilities are to manage and deliver our contracted predictive maintenance programs, including vibration data collection and analysis and PdM program startups.


Ohio • Indiana 
  • Willing to move to Decatur IL or surroundings to work in an “in house” PdM Program for the long term.

  • Working safely in and around operating equipment in a plant production environment.

  • Provides reporting, analysis and data collection services for vibration data collection and analysis.

  • Provide expertise in predictive disciplines and serve as a consultant to customer inquiries.

  • Vibration data collection and analysis and asset troubleshooting (Vibration diagnosis, balancing, etc)

  • Manage client PdM programs from startup to implementation and continuous asset monitoring.

  • Capable to learn other PdM technologies and implement in the actual program. 

Essential Skills and Experience:
  • 3-5 years’ experience in predictive technologies.

  • Level II Certification in Vibration Analysis.

  • Technical Writing and communication skills.

  • Customer service skills.

  • Proficient with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • Self-starter who is able to manage time and responsibilities. This is generally a low-supervised position, so self-motivation and dedication to completing tasks is a must.

  • Desire to continuously improve skills as an analyst.

  • Capable of overcome challenges.


Preferable Experience:
  • Experience with AMS Suite Machinery Helth Manager Sofware and CSI 2140 Data Collectors (Emerson Software and Hardware).

  • Familiar with other PdM technologies including thermography, oil analysis, ultrasound (UE Systems), and motor circuit evaluation (PDMA).

  • Experience establishing/keeping a good work environment and managing staff.