Safety-Focused Pharmaceutical Company Services

Safety and Productivity Challenges and Solutions

The pharmaceutical industry, just as with many others, utilizes equipment that can be subject to faults, interference, improper installation or maintenance, and other electrical issues. For risk managers, these potential equipment failures and outside factors represent significant costs and productivity losses. For safety managers, they signal employee injury, insurance increases, and regulatory fines. In both instances, the business is harmed — but with a proactive approach, such circumstances are mitigated. 


It’s important that pharmaceutical company services be utilized in a proactive manner to ensure your people and equipment remain safe and sound at all times. Frequent inspections and hazard analyses as well as ongoing safety training and audits provide the assurance and peace of mind that companies need to move forward with confidence. Investments in these areas are well worth it, as the costs of equipment failure or worker injury can quickly outweigh the expense of an inspection or ongoing maintenance program.


At SEAM Group, we work with global pharmaceutical organizations to provide the pharmaceutical company services they need to operate not only efficiently but also with proven safety best practices. Our inspections, training, and maintenance services help to identify risks and threats before they become incidents — thereby saving our clients valuable resources and time across the board.

How SEAM Group Supports Pharmaceutical Companies

Infrared Inspections

Infrared inspections help to identify hotspots in electrical assets without having to de-energize the asset and impact productivity. Using state-of-the-art thermography equipment, a qualified inspector wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) conducts a thorough analysis of your electrical assets, documenting them as well as any identified problems. All data and recommendations are centrally located in our ViewPoint web-based management platform for simple prioritization and analysis.

Arc Flash

Capable of occurring in many types of electrical equipment, arc flash hazards pose a significant threat to worker safety. They are capable of causing severe burns and even death depending on the force and amount of current. To protect your employees from this hazard, SEAM Group offers arc flash hazard analysis. Equipment at risk of producing an arc flash is identified, and proper safety practices and labeling are utilized to ensure workers understand the risks present in your production environment.


A lockout/tagout (LOTO) program is a set of procedures that governs how energized assets are locked and tagged to prevent other workers from accidentally releasing hazardous energy or otherwise affecting the asset apart from approved maintenance. A lock is placed on the asset preventing it from being opened or accessed, and a tag is removed indicating who added the lock and what any requirements for access might be.

Explore Our Pharmaceutical Company Services to Improve Safety

Reduce risk for your organization and protect your employees and customers with safety and maintenance services from SEAM Group. We’ve worked with multiple organizations throughout the pharmaceutical industry to support their safety and efficiency goals, and we can do the same for you. Fill out the form below to get in touch with our team to learn more.