Has your planning and scheduling efforts
fallen short of maximizing craft productivity? 

Planning & Scheduling

We can improve craft productivity through more efficient planning.


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Training, Coaching & Tools to Elevate Planning & Scheduling

Most planning and scheduling efforts fall short of maximizing craft productivity. While virtually every maintenance organization feels it could use more labor resources, countless valuable hours are likely being wasted on time spent within the two functions intended to remove delay from your systems; Planning & Scheduling. The result is craft productivity that averages a mere 25–30% efficiency.

There are a variety of issues plaguing planning & scheduling departments:

  •  Lack of a formal planning and scheduling functions

  •  Planners are not planning for tomorrow

  •  Planners plan from behind the desk

  •  Planning accuracy

  •  Planners & schedulers have not been formally trained

  •  There is no continuous improvement process


How We Can Help


We offer assistance with many aspects of the planning & scheduling process:

  • Designing the planning & scheduling functions

  • Creating a business case for planning & scheduling

  • Determining roles & responsibilities

  • Establishing performance metrics

  • Providing 26 hands-on training modules on all planning & scheduling elements

  • Individual performance coaching, with productivity evaluations

  • Developing a toolkit that includes forms, workbooks, worksheets, processes & guidelines

  • Tailoring on-demand e-Learning for process sustainability

  • Increase craft productivity

  • Improve overall maintenance workflow

  • Identify & remove waste from your current process

  • Improve backlog management 

  • Reduce maintenance costs


Proper planning and scheduling is a benefit to your organization. Contact us today to find out how we can help you boost productivity.


Workflow Optimization

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Work Management Simulation℠

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