Scheduled Maintenance

Our Scheduled Maintenance is designed to prevent equipment breakdown and reduce unplanned downtime by restoring equipment to like-new conditions.


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A Comprehensive Approach to Extensive Demands and Scheduled Maintenance

SEAM Group regularly conducts ongoing maintenance on buildings and building equipment. Our scheduled maintenance offering includes inspections, equipment cleaning, testing, lubrications, operational adjustments, part replacement and more. Work is preformed according to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance procedures, or optimized based on condition through our Reliability Consulting Group. Additionally, our services can include preventative maintenance activities to comply with government, insurance and building code requirements. Many of these, such as fire alarm testing and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, are also designed to ensure the safety of building occupants. 


SEAM Group is your dedicated source for scheduled maintenance services across the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. We are fully credentialed, licensed and compliance-certified. We focus on providing flexibility to meet your program objectives and budget needs.  Our hybrid service approach makes available our own licensed field and office staff to both self-perform and professionally manage local resource partners for increased control, accountability and reporting, all of which results in reduced overall cost for facility maintenance. 


Service Parameters

  • Group or spot relamps

  • Emergency lighting and exit sign testing

  • Fire, life and safety programs

  • HVAC preventive maintenance

  • Coil cleaning

  • PTAC cleaning

  • ADA compliance

  • Building winterization

  • Multi-trade preventative maintenance program development

  • Bundled on-demand deferred maintenance



  • Professionally managed programs with licensed oversight

  • Reduced negative operational and sales impacts

  • Increased life expectancy of critical facility infrastructure

  • Lower repair costs, fewer secondary failures

  • Timely scheduled maintenance, yielding fewer large-scale repairs

  • Improved safety conditions, producing healthy returns

  • Reduced overall cost of maintenance services versus a reactive approach

  • Pricing benefits through volume aggregation

  • Turn-key service approach for increased control

  • Brand protection


The best way to approach maintenance efficiently and economically is to think ahead.
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