Detecting leaks and other issues quickly is crucial to maximizing uptime and minimizing costs. Ultrasound inspection keeps your facility running reliably.

Ultrasound Inspections

An ultrasound inspection is a versatile tool for providing early detection of machine bearing wear, lubricant condition decline, valve leaks, steam trap failures, compressed air leaks and electrical problems. These issues collectively can have a significant negative effect on uptime, availability, energy consumption and production, making it important to be aware of these conditions. Air, gas, steam and fluid leaks alone can cost big money, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars each year. Ultrasound leak detection functions as a critical predictive maintenance tool used to identify energy-consuming leaks, as well as the proper corrective action. 

How We Can Help
  • Assurance that data is collected on schedule

  • Building of a baseline inventory for program assets

  • Analysis of decibel levels or FFT, as needed

  • Data analysis & reporting within five business days

  • Identification of critical problems and reporting to site personnel in person or by phone

  • Access to ViewPoint®, our web-based software tool, which allows our analysts to evaluate the information gathered & provide comprehensive reports detailing all problems

  • Availability for phone consultation & review

  • Tracking of recommended actions, actual findings & savings


  •  A single point of contact for all predictive maintenance services & industry expertise

  •  Utilization of the right technology to achieve cost-effective monitoring

  •  Improvement of lubrication-related problems

  •  Reduction in energy cost & wear on plant assets

  •  Minimization of the cost of replacing gas lost due to leaks

Ultrasound inspections are a simple means of detecting problems before they become complex.

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