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ViewPoint® Thermal Anomolies

When thermal anomalies are found during an electrical infrared inspection, the problem is categorized in one of four severities; critical serious, important and minor. The severity is determined by calculating the temperature delta between the maximum allowable temperature for that component (calculated through our field software) and the actual measured temperature at the problem indicated by the infrared camera. Each category can also be used as an estimate or indicator of the lead time required for correction action or repair. The lead time is typically modified based upon the asset’s criticality or importance to the overall facility. Predictive Service uses three primary levels to classify an asset’s criticality, critical to operations or CTO, essential to operation or ETO, non-essential to operation or NTO. Any asset that was not assessed for criticality will be stated as unclassified or UNCL. The table below defines each severity category and the estimated lead time for each level of criticality.