Work Management Simulation℠ - an innovative, interactive means to transfer the concepts of effective maintenance work management and identifying inefficiencies in your work process.

Work Management Simulation℠

The Work Management Simulation℠ goes beyond showing the importance of proactive maintenance in the pursuit of reliability; it shows participants how maintenance reliability is attained.

The simulation focuses on the issues that most organizations experience; high degrees of reactivity, little or no planning, and scheduling where technicians are kept busy with a clipboard of work to manage on their own,


As each round unfolds, changes are made to improve the way work is managed.  Maintenance tasks times are recorded during the rounds, with progress reviews and industry best practice discussions between rounds.  By the end of the simulation, the participants have experienced the immediate benefits of planning and scheduling and are ready to convert what they've learned into real world savings.



How We Can Help

The Work Management Simulation℠ is offered with two approaches:
  • Simulation provided with supplemental training on Planning & Scheduling industry-best practices between each round so that participants can learn, then select and apply each technique to see the impact on the amount of work completed. This method is best for groups that are tasked with implementing the resulting improvements, including maintenance supervisors, planners, schedulers, engineering and technicians.

  • Simulation provided without training, but instead with basic instruction regarding structured Planning & Scheduling industry-best practices between each round so that participants can witness the impact of each on the amount of work completed. This method is best for a leadership group in which there is limited time.

Concepts and best practices addressed during the Work Management Simulation℠
  • Work Identification

  • Constraint Management and Work Order Backlog

  • Understanding the P-F Interval

  • Planning Maintenance Work

  • Work Scheduling

  • Work Completion


  • Improving Job Scopes

  • Improving Documentation

  • Improving Spare Parts Inventory

  • Establishing Work Prioritization

  • Improving Job History

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